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At Millar Communication Strategies, we realize that marketing involves thinking strategically, then building your plan of action. That is why Millar Communication Strategies formulates custom marketing plans for each individual client. Here are a few of our most popular services:

Integrated Marketing Communications

By incorporating all aspects of the communications plan (public relations, advertising, social media, community relations, and more), Millar Communication Strategies is able to provide a seamlessly integrated marketing communications plan

Direct Marketing

Millar Communication Strategies works with some of the most technologically advanced art directors, print houses, and research firms to create direct marketing pieces that are effective and visually appealing, the essence of a powerful direct marketing campaign.


Research can be difficult and overwhelming. Let Millar Communication Strategies spearhead your research efforts. With many years of experience, Millar Communication Strategies can produce on-point, cost-effective qualitative or quantitative research.

Social Media Marketing

With the emergence of social media as a marketing tool, Millar Communication Strategies has seen the importance and success of social media marketing, including the use of blogs, fan pages, and other tools.

Email Marketing

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to keep in contact with your customers, email marketing plays a key role in many communication plans. Let Millar Communication Strategies help you develop an email campaign that your customers can't wait to see in their inbox!
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