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Crisis Communication

The onset of a crisis is usually out of your control. But you can minimize the impact of crisis by preparing yourself and your people.

How long could your business survive after the unthinkable occurs? The problem with the unthinkable is that it is often also unimaginable- crises can come in an infinite variety of forms and can strike at any time. 

Dan Millar is an internationally recognized expert in crisis planning and management. He can show you the strategies you'll need should you find yourself fighting for the life of your business:

  • Identifying your company's vulnerabilities
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Building employee confidence
  • Communicating with your shareholders, employees, customers and other publics before, during and after a crisis
  • Keeping your business operating smoothly

 The most frequently cited crisis vulnerability is not having a plan. Millar Communication Strategies offers a free pre-crisis assessment. Click here to view eamples.
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